Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial Asthma affects the airway system resulting in its inflammation, narrowness and sensitivity. It is a common disease affecting about 4-32% of humans, and causes a lot of emergences visits to clinics. It has been seen to cause death in serious cases (death ratio: 18/1,000,000). Most researchers believe that the infection rate of Bronchial Asthma has increased because of passive smoking, air contamination and increased dependence on chemicals and industrial materials. Bronchial Asthma also has a direct relation with dirt, dust, mites' remnants and insects.

Avoiding Bronchial Asthma

Living in a surrounding that has pure air with medium humidity, cleanliness, and no cigarette smoke, helps prevent Bronchial Asthma infection and even cure it. Despite of an incurable reputation, Bronchial Asthma can be treated, controlled and adjusted with. The patient needs to cooperate with the physician to fight the disease. There are many professional athletes who are infected with Bronchial Asthma. They take their medicines regularly as directed by their physicians and then go for exercises or competitions and live their lives as any normal sportsperson would.

Scientific and International Organizations

As it is well known that Bronchial Asthma is pervasive and there are many infected patients. The treatment of asthma is subjected to constant reviews by the specialists. There are scientific international organizations and conventions that define rules and methods of treatment. These rules are issued and based upon the availability of evidences and are reviewed periodically. The health authorities in many countries issue instructions for the treatment of Bronchial Asthma. Even the Saudi guidelines are reviewed periodically.


Treatment of asthma and requires understanding of the changes that occur in the patient’s body and reasons that heighten asthma. The physician should obtain detailed information about the disease or the patient. If the patient does not get better during the course of treatment then the reasons could be varied. Such as, the patient may be irregular in taking the medicines, patient maybe misusing the medication or he needs to review the patient’s treatment, which will be mentioned later.

The physician must also examine the causes for an increase in Asthma’s symptoms, such as sinusitis, respiratory failure, or acid reflux into the esophagus, and its treatment. Also ensure that the environment in the bedroom is suitable for the patient. Avoid using carpets in their rooms, as it is susceptible to have dust mites. It is also advised to keep the bedroom clean and change the bedding on a regular basis to prevent dust. Wash the sheets and pillowcases regularly and do not allow pets to enter the bedrooms. 

System to Be Followed

We will read in this article the regime for the patients infected with Asthma or chest sensitivity. Bronchial Asthma medicine includes sprays and sometimes some tablets.

Bronchial Asthma


Bronchial Asthma sprays are of two types: The first is a curative medicine, Bronchodilators or the known medicines like the Alphentolen spray, used only when necessary i.e. when the patient has sudden respiration disorder. The second kind is the preventive medicine, which is taken regularly, once or twice a day as per the doctor instructions.

The medical spray must be taken only when the patient needs it. Preventive medicines are used to change the Asthma mechanism of the body. The doctors nowadays believe that Bronchial Asthma occurs when there is inflammationin the air ducts and tubing of the body. However, the mechanism of Asthma is not limited to contraction of muscles in the air tubing that resulting narrowness the airway.

Why Prevention?

The aim of the preventive medicines is to stop inflammationin the air tubing at many levels with several medicines. Steroids (Cortisone) supported with the long-term Bronchodilators works at a specific level to stop the inflammationand anti-leukotriene (Sengljer). The doctors and researchers' continuously attempt to introduce advanced preventive medicines.

Thanks to Allah, Bronchial Asthma patients are responding to the preventive medicines such as the preventive sprays. I would like to assure the readers that these medicines are safe if used as per to the doctor's instructions. These medicines are also safe during pregnancy and lactation.

Some patients believe that Asthma can be healed completely, if the symptoms end completely and don’t occur again. Thus, it is important to show the people that Bronchial Asthma has no definitive and final treatment like Diabetes, Blood Pressure and other diseases. This is because of the main two factors it comprises of, which are genetic predisposition and external factors.

If the person is isolated in a different and cleaner environment where environmental factors are completely avoided, combined with effective medicines, then he can live a normal life without Asthmatic attacks or disruptive symptoms. The common mistake made by the patients is the use of unknown herbal mixtures prescribed by people who are not specialists in botany and herbs or have an adequate medical background.

It is not advisable to resort to non-legalized and ill-considered herbal treatments that may be fraudulent and harmful. If neglected, it may cause a major setback to the patient’s condition.

In this age when effective medications are available, the patient should know the effectiveness and side effects in details from a specialized doctor.


May Allah the Almighty heal every patient!


Ahmed BaHammam, FACP, FCCP
Professor of Medicine
Director, University Sleep Disorders Center
College ofMedicine, King Saud University