About Us
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The Idea:

In 2002 (1422 AH), we launched "Sleep in Health and Disease" website, a first of its kind, comprehensive website that provides information on sleep disorders and respiratory diseases. Our vision is to offer a reliable, updated, and relevant source of data to a majority of English and Arabic readers.

Our aim is to educate patients, increase awareness, and contribute towards the online resources carrying information about such a critical branch of medicine. In order to do this, we have incorporated unique and enlightening articles, studies, research, and more in this site. The content will be periodically updated with various current issues, and relevant information for an expanding of service base.

Over the years, with significant advancements in the web technology, we have created a highly interactive and engaging website that employs superior designing and programming to carry and present the most credible ideas and insights from this field. The contemporary look and smart features allow user-friendly navigation, surfing, and access of data.

We hope that this website will be successful in providing useful details and information for our readers across the world, including the English speaking Arab society.

Health Education:

The premier objective behind creating this website is to increase the awareness about the issues pertaining to the common sleep troubles and chest related diseases.

In addition to educating patients who are suffering from particular illnesses, we have taken into account various lifestyle and environment related issues that are applicable to a major section of the society. We also want to shed light on the methods of treatment available and the centers that provide specialized treatments.

The Home Page contains a special section on medical advice. This space is regularly updated with the most recent medical developments in the field of sleep disorders and chest diseases. Our aim is to contribute towards educating and advising the readers in a simple, convenient, and timely manner.

Ease of Navigation:

We have used a simple and interactive interface for the reader by providing easy access to the information through more than one way.

Users can:

  • Browse the Encyclopedia directly, by following the menus listed on the Home Page
  • Use the Search function and scan the entire website related to a particular topic or
  • Follow related topics through interlinks


Other Functionality:

Test Your Sleeping Habits

In order to test your sleeping habits, the website provides an interactive feature that seeks certain information about your sleeping habits and rates them. Based on the results, they can avail additional information and advice.

A Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery provides visual tips on the reasons and cures for various diseases and treatments. It also carries the latest news and events with a title and brief descriptions.

Interactive Communication with Patients:

The website offers various ways for interaction between the readers/ patients and the author. The site employs interactive and user-friendly tools for better and smarter usability.

The Medical Clinic is a vital feature through which a patient can confidentially communicate with the site administrators and the author (Dr. Ahmed Salim Bahmam). We ensure direct contact, with complete data security.

Users can also Contact Us using the contact form dedicated for specific communications and feedbacks or suggestions to the site administrators.

Your comments are important to us and we would love to hear from you and implement valuable and technically feasible suggestions.

The FAQs page will provide further health education and information to readers. This section will be updated monthly to stay in tune with the latest development about health issues. In addition, we will also address key lifestyle related ailments plaguing our society.

News and Events:

In the fast changing world, there is the need stay abreast with the local and international news and events related to sleep disorders and respiratory diseases. In order to do so, the users can visit the Media Centre section for the latest happenings in the media (TV, Radio, and Print). This will help increase the awareness about health and allow users to stay updated.

The website will also highlight the achievements of the university, its scientific research, and inputs form global conferences on this subject.

Overall, we wish that you can utilize the information provided in this website to the fullest and apply it to take good care of your health, which is of foremost importance to us. You are welcome to give us your valuable feedback and we will try to incorporate the same.

Best Wishes.