Body Mass Index

BMI is an internationally recognized measure approved by The World Health Organization that uses an individual’s existing height and weight to determine their level of physical fitness. It is defined as the individual's body weight (in kg) divided by the square of his or her height (in meters).

It is well known that obesity increases the risk of many diseases of the heart, diabetes, invites breathing difficulties during sleep, osteoarthritis and even certain types of cancer.

Adequate sleep may be more important than one might think. Along with making one feel relaxed, rejuvenated and achieve clarity of thought, research has shown that there is a link between sleep and obesity, as well as sleep and cardiovascular health. It is also known that lack of sleep may be one of the causes of obesity.

To calculate your BMI, get inferences about the result, and know the level of obesity or thinness, perform the test below. Enter your weight and height as per the format: